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Crafting plays a pivotal role in the Moonsama ecosystem, allowing players to create a variety of items like loot boxes and equippable NFTs. This system is powered by resources earned through participation in events such as Carnage, Pondsama, and Santasama.

If you'd like to learn more about Carnage select here.

These earned resources are essential to the complex crafting system that generates a range of tools, loot boxes, and equippable NFTs—items with utility throughout the Moonsama ecosystem. The crafting experience is personalized, enabling players to utilize their resources to progress skills, acquire rare collectibles, or optimize their character's abilities and appearance.

Crafting not only facilitates progression and reward in Moonsama but also enriches player experience. It offers unique rewards and ways for players to enhance their effectiveness in games and metaverses through crafting and equipping NFTs.

The flow of gameplay can be summarized as:

For a more in-depth exploration of resources, crafting steps, and the utilization of multiverse items, please visit the dedicated subpages below:


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