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If you are a fan of NFTs and metaverses, you might be interested in the Moonsama Multiverse Art Skin Collection. This is a super rare collection of unique skins that will be used throughout the Moonsama Multiverse. The skins will provide access to all Moonsama metaverses and provide buffs when bridged.

What is the Moonsama Multiverse Art Skin Collection?

The Moonsama Multiverse Art Skin Collection is a set of 27 NFTs created by 9 of the most talented NFT artists in the DotSama ecosystem:

Each artist has created 3 Multiverse skins, which have different designs and properties. The collection was originally auctioned off on the Moonsama Marketplace, during 3 separate auctions. The collection is now available on Raresama, a new NFT marketplace that focuses on rare and exclusive NFTs.

Why are the Moonsama Multiverse Art Skins so special?

The Moonsama Multiverse Art Skins are not just beautiful artworks, they are also functional NFTs that can be used across multiple metaverses and blockchains. By bridging your Multiverse Art Skin to the Moonsama Bridge, you can access different Moonsama metaverses, such as Carnage, Pondsama, and Exosama. You can also enjoy various benefits and enhancements, such as increased health and damage points, depending on the skin you own. Moreover, you can show off your unique style and personality with your Multiverse Art Skin, as each one has a different theme and backstory.

The Perks of Holding a Moonsama Multiverse Art Skin

Holding a Moonsama NFT is not only a way to own a piece of web3 history, but also a way to access an array of benefits and opportunities within the ecosystem. Some of the perks include:

💡 If you already own a Moonsama Multiverse Art NFT please see more information on getting started in the Metaverse here: Metaverse Quick Start Guide

The Moonsama Multiverse Art Skin Collection is a rare and exciting opportunity to own some of the most amazing NFTs in the DotSama ecosystem. If you are passionate about NFTs and metaverses, don't miss this chance to join the Moonsama adventure!

Where to Buy a Moonsama Multiverse Art Skin?

To buy a Moonsama Multiverse Art Skin NFT, visit the Raresama collection on the SAMA network by selecting the button below:

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