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What is Pondsama?

Pondsama is an innovative auto-battler metaverse game, built on web3 and accessible through a browser interface. Created by the skilled game designer HeaX, Pondsama provides an exhilarating gaming experience that seamlessly integrates NFT collection with tactical gameplay.

In Pondsama, players dive into an immersive metaverse where they can collect, breed, and battle with their unique Pondsama NFT fish. Players can assemble teams of five fish to compete against others, striving for dominance on the leaderboards. The game presents opportunities for strategic advancement, enabling players to hone their tactics and develop their fish into top competitors. Additionally, Pondsama allows players to create their personalised Metapond, a space dedicated to showcasing their prized collection.

The backbone of this competitive environment is the Moonsama Battle Engine. This cutting-edge system regulates in-game battles, taking into account the attributes, skills, passives, and RNG of each player's fish to craft a layered and strategic battle environment. The engine evolves with the game, as regular updates introduce fresh mechanics, skills, and artifacts to keep the gameplay engaging and dynamic.

While HeaX's expertise in multiplayer game development and team leadership forms the technical bedrock of Pondsama, the vibrant community is its heart and soul. Home to over 10,300 unique digital fish and a dedicated player base, Pondsama emerges as a compelling, community-centric gaming experience that stands out in the metaverse. Combining strategic gameplay, community interaction, and the thrill of NFT collection, Pondsama offers a unique and enthralling journey in the metaverse.

Pondsama's Lore

The oceans around Nova died a long time ago. Facing an unstoppable enemy, the species that lived in them disappeared one by one, never to be heard of again.

Now, in a planetary turn of events, Moonsamas, Exosamas and other allied races have successfully used the Carnage simulation to bring the planet’s native aFish back to life. Unbeknownst to them, this has awoken an ancient power, who will now do whatever it takes to restore the planet’s marine life to its former glory.

Pondsama's Past

Pondsama NFT fish were originally crafted by donating resources to "The Sunken One" during Moonsama's Carnage events. Players donated materials and fish gathered in Carnage using a crafted Moonrod to summon their Pondsama NFTs. Currently, all Pondsamas have been crafted (approx 10,323 as of 09.06.23) and some can be purchased on Raresama secondary markets, providing immediate access to the game.

Pondsama Abilities and Attributes

Pondsamas have a variety of attributes, abilities and passive skills that provide strategic advantages in battle. There are 3 breeds of fish - Bambo, Nimbus and Spelly, as well as 3 types - Organic, Infected and Mecha.

Fish have stats for Health, Power, Defense and Speed:

There are 12 natures in Pondsama that provide percentage-based increases and decreases to base stats, modifying them for different strategic purposes. For example, some natures may increase Power at the cost of Speed, or boost Health while lowering Defense. Natures enable players to tailor their fish for specific battling roles and playstyles.

Passive skills activate automatically in battle, providing ongoing buffs, bonuses and effects that benefit your team. There are currently 26 passives covering abilities like reflecting damage, increasing power when buffed, gaining stats when allies faint and more. Passive skills combine with your fish's other attributes to make unique battling companions.

Active skills or moves must be selected by the player to activate, triggering a range of effects from dealing damage, stunning, healing and buffing to manipulating the enemy team. Pondsama currently contains 40+ active skills for strategic use in battle. Skills may have effects that stack, synergize or combine with the attributes and abilities of other fish in your team.

The specific combination of breed, type, stats, nature, passives and active skills for each fish results in a vast array of possibilities, enabling sophisticated strategic team building and gameplay. Players can find details on all natures, passive skills and active skills within the Pondsama collection and in the battle simulations.

For the latest updates on Pondsama please refer to the Recent Updates and More Information section below.

Pondsama Battle Flow

Battles in Pondsama follow a defined sequence of events to determine the victorious player. By understanding the order and flow of battle, players can gain a strategic advantage in setting up their team, anticipating the abilities of the opposing team, and leveraging the unique skills and attributes of their fish. Mastery over the Pondsama battle system is key to becoming a top player and reaching the upper ranks of the leaderboards.

Battle flow and order of events:

  1. Team Setup - Players assign their fish to positions 1 through 5, with position 1 in front and 5 in back. Artifacts are also equipped at this stage.
  2. Battle Commences - After both players confirm they are ready, the battle begins.
  3. Artifacts Activate (if equipped) - Any effects from equipped artifacts apply at the start of the battle.
  4. Passives Trigger - The passive skills of each fish activate, applying their effects.
  5. Rounds - The battle proceeds through a maximum of 15 rounds. Each round follows this sequence.
    • Speed Order - The fish with the highest speed starts first, followed by the next fastest fish and so on. Faster fish can gain strategic advantages by buffing, debuffing or fainting key targets before slower fish act.
    • Skills and Moves - When a fish's turn comes up in the round, their selected active skill is used. Skills may deal damage, heal, buff, debuff or manipulate the battle in various ways.
    • Basic Attacks - If a fish does not have an active skill ready or selected, they will perform a basic attack. Basic attacks simply deal damage equal to the fish's Power stat.

6. Results - The battle ends in Victory, Defeat or Draw:

The Perks of Pondsama

By Owning Pondsama NFTs it will provide the following:

Where to Buy Pondsamas

The primary marketplace for Pondsama NFTs is Raresama.

To buy a Pondsama NFT, visit the Raresama collection by selecting the button below:

Recent Updates and More Information

The developers regularly announce updates and improvements to the Pondsama metaverse wiki and in the Moonsama Discord. For the most up-to-date information on breeds, types, natures, skills and abilities, visit:

As the game continues to develop, Pondsama NFTs provide an opportunity to build value with new abilities, experiences and access. Stay up to date with the latest announcements to see what's coming next for Pondsama NFT holders! The future is exciting.

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