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The Raresama Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue and support of stray dogs in Thailand. The foundation was established in November, 2022, by CryptoSnarl and together with a dedicated team, they work tirelessly to fulfill the foundation's mission.


The Raresama Foundation's mission is to rescue stray dogs, also known as soi dogs, and support existing foundations in Thailand, a country with over one million stray dogs. The foundation's goal is to ensure that no dog goes hungry and to provide them with food, neutering, vaccinations, and shelter.


Dog Food Day

The foundation is known for its monthly "Dog Food Day", during which it donates significant quantities of dog food to dog shelters in Thailand. For instance, on May 22, 2023, and April 21, 2023, the foundation announced that it had donated 100 x 20kg of dog food to various dog shelters in the country.

Rescue Operations

The foundation also conducts rescue operations for stray dogs. On December 13, 2022, the foundation rescued a group of 26 puppies that were being attacked by bigger dogs. These puppies were then given their own custom-built enclosure.

Vaccination Drives

The foundation organizes vaccination drives for the dogs under its care. For example, the foundation vaccinated 16 puppies in one week, marking each vaccinated puppy to keep track.

Impact Stories

The Story of Bi Tong

One of the notable stories shared by the foundation is the story of Bi Tong, a stray dog rescued and cared for by the foundation. The story highlights the foundation's work and the impact of its activities on individual dogs.

Support and Partnerships

The foundation's work is supported by various individuals and organizations. For instance, an individual known as Donnie (@DonnieBigBags on Twitter) has pledged to commit $100,000 to the foundation's work. Sergio Mottola also pledged to match donations when 111 units were sold to support the foundation's initiative. The Raresama NFT Marketplace also expressed their support and appreciation for the foundation's work.


Learn More:

For more information about the Raresama Foundation and its activities, you can visit the following:

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